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Le Marche offers an esteemed fashion industry that over time has developed an expertise that permit to understand the needs and desires of the market, especially from the end consumer side. Le Marche is a land of ancient traditions and crafts manufacturing, here, are located some of the major brands famous all over the world. A trip to the Marche, may also be an opportunity to switch from the classic historical and cultural tour to another exquisitely fashionable, in search of numerous outlets and factory stores. The shoe making district of Fermo and Macerata situated on the border of the provinces of the same name, represents the largest concentration of footwear producing companies in Italy.

Curated byBefore putting pencil to paper and nappa leather uppers to outsoles the designer Silvia Avanzi spent two years developing and fine tuning the concept behind her shoe line. asked myself, do women want today, and what do we need, really? We feel everything has been done and redone, she recalls, I not the type of person who simply wants women to spend money. I want her to be happy with her purchases. Using marketing trained brain, the fashion branding and advertising vet noticed a gap: avant garde heels. From there, Gray Matters her line of sleek glove shoes, mules and flatforms that launched in stores last month began to take shape. [.]

Whoever came in the Marche, also just by chance, he knows well that the combination Montegranaro is a close connection. It breathes in every family, in every factory, in every corner of the territory. It a so intense love story that the craft shoes of shoe factories in the district of Fermo province, born in the workshops of the arrived today in the shop windows around the world.

The phenomenon of handmade shoes of this area has deep roots and dates back to the vocation of the region. The Marche, in fact, are self made: very poor after the war, they have given rise to an industry that was not there (or which had still a shopkeeper size), to a new way of producing, to create an infinity of brands famous everywhere.

Worn in courts across Europe primarily in the 16th century, codpieces were a potent symbol of their wearer masculinity and virility. Less than subtle even when in fashion, these flagrant accessories can be unsettlingly prominent to the modern eye. Yet in the context of courtly life so steeped in honour, chivalry and romance the adoption of codpieces was not so startling. At a time when continuing the family line was of the utmost importance, such embellishments were generally accepted displays of fertility and masculinity. [.]

The so called Walk in Wonderland presentation is a trip in an irreverent and enchanted world, made of green lawns, swings and delicate white cloths illuminated by lights. A romantic and carefree place, which seems suspended in a cloud, where young and classy wizards invite the guests to admire all the Guardiani Spring Summer 2017 creations. The Spring Summer Woman’s Collection 2017 is a surprising and unexpected journey exploring unique color combinations and eccentric mixes of materials, to reflect the many facets of a unique character: the contemporary Woman. Feminine but ironic, practical yet na Alberto Guardiani muse is not afraid to dare. Unusual stylistic choices add a hint of audacity to classic shoe designs to invent ultra contemporary accessories conceived with the precise goal of being worn and not simply admired. [.]
piumino peuterey uomo Le Marche Fashion